Building One Of The ROBO-ONES: KHR-2HV Assembly Guide in English

The new Kondo KHR-2HV humanoid robot has been available for less than two months here in Japan, and according to all reports it's proven so popular that it's completely sold out. Some robot fans overseas, specifically in the US and Europe, managed to snag a few of the kits, and have been making great progress. In spite of the fact that English documentation and software for the robot isn't available from Kondo yet, these brave souls have managed to build their robots, and they seem dedicated to professionally documenting the process online (see links below) for others that will soon follow in their footsteps. 

For example, "Jerry" from the forum, has put together an extensive, step by step guide to building the KHR-2HV robot. His guide walks you through each step of the process, and includes detailed photographs and commentary.

While Jerry is obviously a big fan of the KHR-2HV robot, he also doesn't pull any punches or try to hide anything. As he takes you through the assembly steps he openly mentions when he made mistakes.

 One of many index pages that make understanding the assembly process a breeze.

  Jerry goes to great pains to cover each step and explains clearly what you need to pay attention to.

Of course, sooner or later - hopefully sooner rather than later, Kondo will be releasing the official English documentation. Even then, we feel that Jerry's guide will continue to be a great resource and will complement the official manual rather than trying to replace it.

Jerry, by the way, appears to be our contemporary from the age, technology, and interests perspectives. He even knew what a 'KIM-1' was.

In addition to Jerry's guide, other members of the forum have started to create lots of other KHR-2HV robot supporting material, clarifications, hints, and probably suggestions for improvement. A good example is "rrdiaz30" who has been contributing very interesting and practical posts on the robot covering topics like how to modify the POS screen in the Heart to Heart 3.0 software application.

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