Black Seed Specifications Updated

The specifications for "Black Seed" were updated on the Team Lilac website to reflect the robot's configuration as of March when the ROBO-ONE 9 competition took place here in Tokyo. Although we've watched Black Seed in action quite a few times, including last Sunday at the 1st Wonderful Robot Carnival, we're still in awe of the robot's 24 DOF design. It has 7 servos per leg!

The one thing that we had previously suspected, and the specifications now confirm, is that the robot uses the Kondo RCB-3 controller. The previous specs showed a RCB-1 controller, which didn't seem possible given the performance we've seen Black Seed deliver.

So, what surprise is Team Lilac planning for ROBO-ONE 10 in September? They're not telling, but it's very tempting to guess, especially since the PersonalName for their next Black Seed creation is "TapDancer".


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