1st Wonderful Robot Carnival: Balloon Survival (Video)

The "1st Wonderful Robot Carnival", held here in Tokyo a few weeks ago, was a fantastic event full of fun, excitement, and surprises. Most of the contests were new, even to the experienced robot players, and you could easily see that some of them were quickly trying to figure out how to win at a game they had never played before.

There were individual contests, like the 2 Meter Sprint and Bottle Pull, head to head contests like the Die Shot and ROBO-ONE Battle in the ring, and team events like Balloon Survival (video included below). In many ways it was exactly like a carnival. An event for everyone to relax and just have fun with their robots as opposed to the highly competitive, and stressful ROBO-ONE competitions.

The Balloon Survival contest, created by Ishikawa-san especially for the robot carnival, consists of two teams.

Balloons are attached to the back of each robot, but the exact positioning isn't specified. It's up to each player to decide the best placement to avoid their balloon getting easily popped. The matches last for 3 minutes, and the team that finishes the match with the most intact balloons wins.

We didn't keep an accurate count, but our impression from watching the three matches that took place that afternoon, was that roughly half the balloons were popped by the action of opposing robots while the other half popped when one robot or another accidentally fell down.

We learned a few things from watching the event:

First: It might be a good strategy to hang back and play defense, at least at the beginning of the game. After all, it's not how many balloons you pop, it's whether or not you're still in the game at the end.

Second: If you play offense you should specifically identify an opponent and focus on defeating them rather than getting confused by all the action (Green-Eyes was excellent at this.)  Image00672

Third: Keep your attention on the game (at one point MANOI got so interested in mugging for the camera he lost his balance and fell completely out of the ring.)  Image00670

Fourth: Make sure you're on the same team with Black Seed. As you can see towards the end of the video, Black Seed is really amazingly good at this particular event.  Image00671

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2 thoughts on “1st Wonderful Robot Carnival: Balloon Survival (Video)

  1. Now that looks like fun…… would love to play these kind of games in the UK, and everyone seems to be really enjoying it – just what robotics is about — Pev

  2. Quote: (at one point MANOI got so interested in mugging for the camera he lost his balance and fell completely out of the ring.)

    That’s hilarious! Who knew robots were such hams!

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