1st Wonderful Robot Carnival – Intro (Video)

Everyone knows about ROBO-ONE and how the humanoid robots can walk, run, jump rope, and even box each other in the ring. That's all fine, but what do you do for an encore? What could possibly be more challenging, more interesting, and more fun than that?

Well, how about holding an all-out, completely over-the-top robot carnival with challenges like kicking a large die across your opponent's goal line; pulling a heavy basket (a robotic version the Tractor Pull); a team event where you try to pop balloons on the opposing teams robots; and much, much more...

The video below is just a quick sample of what went on yesterday at the 1st Wonderful Robot Carnival here in Tokyo.

If we had to express our impression of the event in just one word, it would be "brilliant!" Absolutely brilliant. We have never had so much fun, and seen so many other people having a tremendous amount of fun, in just 4 hours. We can hardly wait for the 2nd Wonderful Robot Carnival to be held.

We'll be posting additional videos highlighting each of the contests along with an overview of the rules. Our photo albums from the event will also be published online very shortly.



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