Who Is That (un)Masked Man?

Make magazine has a booth at the RoboGames event taking place this weekend at Fort Mason in San Francisco, and the Make Flickr photo pool from the games is already starting to grow. In checking some of the early images we noticed one face that should be familar to Robonova and biped robot fans, especially those that frequent the popular Robosavvy forums - Matt Bauer, the creator of Rook's Pawn.

If you're not already familiar with it, Rook's Pawn is much, much more than just a Robonova-1. Matt's modifications and improvements include adding additional degrees of freedom so that the robot's legs can actually turn; an amazing set of grippers (Matt's original design) that allow the robot to not only grasp items but also to pull itself up ropes, swing, and rappel down cliffs; a Bluetooth communications interface; an onboard pinhole video camera to record the action from the robots perspective; and an advanced motion creation application.


Matt and his robot will be competing in the ROBO-ONE competitions scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. If you get the chance to attend, please stop by and say hello to Matt. Better yet, take a photo or two with Matt and Rook's Pawn and send us a copy.

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