Top Secret: NHL Developing Robot Ice Hockey Players (Video)

With the RoboCup robot soccer competition taking place in Germany this week, and news that the Japanese have been staging Robot American Football games, the NHL seems to have decided that robot sports will soon be the norm and has accelerated their plans to field robot hockey teams. We've gained access to a top secret video that shows a prototype robot ice hockey goalie in action.

Many thanks to CyberShaman420 for sharing this exciting and futuristic "top secret" video with all of us via

Note: There's nothing wrong with your speakers, this particular video clip doesn't currently have a soundtrack.



2 thoughts on “Top Secret: NHL Developing Robot Ice Hockey Players (Video)

    1. The post and video were from 2006, so I’m not too surprised that the video isn’t online anymore. I’ll check, but am not optimistic about tracking it down now.

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