Sony UX PC As A Robot Remote Control

KHR-1A 077
Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

Several of the top level ROBO-ONE robot builders immediately snagged the brand new Sony UX personal computer as soon as it hit the market here in Japan. At first glance it seems like it would be a perfect platform to use as a robot remote control along with the normal laptop type functionality.

From what we saw and heard about the UX from early users at last weekend's competition, the jury is definitely still out on the computer. The form factor, packaging, and portability was a very strong positive factor.

At the same time there were some grumblings about the touch screen, ease of use, and a possible problem using the hard disk model for this type of application. Of course, it may be just a learning curve problem while they get used to using a new control. We'll keep a close eye on this and report about it again after the computer accumulates more time in actual field use.


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