Robot Chimp Finds Work Doing Commercials (Video)

It's hard enough for us human beings to find and keep a good job. For a robot chimp, especially one that only exists from the chest up, it's got to be near impossible. Still, one of the robot chimpanzees we know has managed to find steady employment acting in online commercials promoting a really funny daily email newsletter (see links below).

The chimp in question, originally manufactured and marketed by WowWee Robotics, is owned (and operated) by none other than Robert Oschler, the publisher and webmaster of several well known robotics websites including and

Robert is also the developer behind the Robosapien Dance Machine project that allows users to control a whole range of WowWee Robosapien series robots directly from their personal computer or laptop. He has a lifetime passion for, and appreciation of all things robotic, and it shows in the care and attention he puts into each of his public websites.

He was one of the first people to snag the WowWee robot chimp when it was first released to the market, and probably knows more about how to control and hack it than anyone else on the planet.

In addition to his robot activities, he actively participates in both the Flickr photography website and the YouTube video sharing site. At the same time, he also has a great sense of humor.

So, when he recently decided to start publishing a daily humor email newsletter it was natural that he would try to pool all of his interests to promote the new publication. Here's what he came up with:

Really cute. We're not sure about your impression, but it definitely reminded us of the old time barkers and shills at the local carnivals that used to drive from town to town, even down to the hair-do and odd teeth. It won't belong before Robert has the hapless chimp busy hawking salad spinners and veggie slicer/dicers. Who knows, a few successful late night info-mercials and the chimp might turn out to be the next Robot Popel. He might even start using the spray-on hair stuff.

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