Robot Battle Of The Century – Next Weekend

Okay, so maybe not the actual robot battle of the 21st Century, but it’s close. Next Sunday, June 11th, a team comprised of ten of the top “Robo-Fight” battle robots are going to face off in the ring against the “Robo-Masters” team made up of ten ROBO-ONE champions.

This unique confrontation is being staged as a part of the Kondo KHR-1 2nd Anniversary Celebration and will take place at the Asakusa Rox 3 building at 14:00.

Each battle will consist of two robots from each team (four in the ring at once), and is sure to provide some of the best competitive action available on the planet today.

The Robo-Fight team includes many robots that have been featured here on Robots Dreams in the past including WR-07 - the robot that can transform into a car; Be-Tikku - a really unique design that reminds us a lot of Charlie Chaplin; Amateras - Nomumu’s unique creation and cohort of Go-en; KZR-4 - developed by Kazz and winner of the May Robo-Fight 3 ORC competition in Osaka; and King Kizer - the amazingly strong red robot from Kansai that we saw jumping rope during ROBO-ONE 9. It should also be the first appearance for YogoRoza, the successor to the delightful Yogo Custom robot.


The Robo-Masters team, also billed as “The Dream Team of Charisma Robot Builders”, includes extremely well known robot champions including R-Blue, Metallic Fighter, Afuro, Dynamizer and Dynamizer Jr., Toko Toko Maru, Retro, and everyone’s favorite - Yokozuna Great by Dr. GIY.

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