Robosapien V2 Media – New And Exciting Or ???

There hasn’t been much news on the Robosapien front recently, and with Takara Tomy saying that they will put an under $400 robot on the market next Spring, we’re wondering what the WowWee Robotics team is planning to field that will be new and exciting. When we ran across some recent photos of the Robosapien V2 Media robot, it showed some promise, but . . .

The French "Robosapien le blog" website (see link below) frequently seems to have the inside track on the latest WowWee robot information and photos. So it wasn't too surprising for them to post some great photos of the Robosapien V2 Media (also known as the RS Media).

The photos are sharp, very clear, and reveal a lot of detail. We have to admit that the new Robosapien color scheme is extremely striking and highlights muscles we never realized the robot had before. He’d fit right into the crowd at Muscle Beach in Southern California, no question.


We also like the hand design, especially the absense of the gauntlets that always looked really odd and out of place on the V2. Besides, we never could figure out exactly why there were there in the first place.

On the other hand, the LCD display screen stuck right in the middle of the robots chest always seems to bring to mind the Goldie Hawn movie, “Death Becomes Her”.


We tried sorting the other RS Media robot features into categories and came up with this quick list:

Things we really like-

  • SD memory port
  • USB connection
  • Personality editor
  • PC link

The ability to modify the robots behaviors, save them, and share them with other owners could be really ‘killer’, if it’s implemented well, and if a strong user community develops around the product.

Things we really don’t understand and “the jury’s still out”-

  • MP3 player
  • LCD screen
  • Sub woofer
  • Photo viewer

Why spend the money to buy a walking boom box or limited functionality iPod type device? We’re not sure, though we’re certainly willing to hold off any final judgement until the robot actually hits the market and we can play with it close up and personal.

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One thought on “Robosapien V2 Media – New And Exciting Or ???

  1. I suspect the MP3 player, LCD screen, sub woofer and photo viewer just all go together. If you decide you need an LCD screen, then chances are the others will be part of a package somewhere for little more than a stand-alone LCD screen.

    One excellent use for the LCD would be for bug-tracking your “personalities”. And ditto for visual representations of what the sensors are reading.

    Oh, and you forgot to mention it has Linux on board…


    Editor’s comment:

    You could be right about the debugging and display – we’ll have to wait and see. All the videos of the units at shows like CES didn’t really reveal much about it.

    I did unintentionally overlook Linux being onboard. That could be a real positive, assuming that WowWee gives us access to it in some way. There were supposed to be all sorts of ‘secrets’ that could be hacked in the RSV1 and V2 that never really panned out, so I tend to be a little skeptical.

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