ROBOREPTILE Website Goes Live

The official ROBOREPTILE website has gone live (see links below), and it's definitely worth checking out if you're considering the purchase of the latest robot in the popular Robosapien series developed by the WowWee Robotics organization. Up until recently the publically available information on the ROBOREPTILE was somewhat sketchy. Now WowWee has released a little more detail along with a downloadable manual for the robot in PDF format.

Following the same general format used by the official websites for the other Robosapien, Robopet, Roboraptor robots, the new ROBOREPTILE site is broken down into several main topics. Unfortunately most of the sections are empty except for the "coming soon" promise.

It's really too bad, because we always enjoy the WowWee Robotics television commercials, and they usually include a streaming copy of the commercial on their product websites. In this particular case we're dying to see how fast, and how aggressive the robot actually turns out to be.

When the RoboRaptor was released about a year ago there were lots of rumors that it had been slowed down or inhibited in some way to make it less aggressive. Since robot 'toys' in this category are usually rated for the 8 & older age group it might not be much of a problem. Still, we could understand it if WowWee wanted to avoid the risk of potential lawsuits and legal action from users whose children ended up being harmed in some way.

Here's what the ROBOREPTILE introductory paragraph has to say about the new robot:

"Roboreptile, the ultimate cold-blooded predator, comes to life through a combination of dynamic robotic animations and advanced interactive technologies. With his low menacing stride and striking animations, Roboreptile is an impressive mix of powerful agility, multi-sensory awareness and a fiery personality."

Okay. It's enough to catch our interest, and keep us anticipating the opportunity to get our hands on the little fellow.


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