RoboReptile Has Australian Roots

Creative artists and inventors find inspiration all around them, and robot designers are no different. According to a story just published in "The Sunday Mail", Mark Tilden, the creator of some of the world's best selling robots like the Robosapien and Roboraptor, found his inspiration for the new RoboReptile while watching television.

The article, written by Kate Patterson, is titled “Robot reptile a real friller”, some really creative wordplay contrasting the robots name and frightening personality with ‘thriller’. Who knows, some creative video mashup artist out there may soon bless the world with a Thriller music video combining Michael Jackson’s classic with Tilden’s latest robot terror. We’re sure it would be a tremendous hit on YouTube.

Ms. Patterson recounts how Tilden happened to be watching a program on the Discovery Channel when one of the unique Australian frilled-neck lizards put in an appearance. That gave Tilden just the inspiration he was looking for:

“I saw the way the frilled-neck lizards run with their tails and I thought I could build something like that," said Mr Tilden.

So, build it he did.

"You can feed it, it can follow things around, it's got this beautiful flexible neck and it has a variety of different moods," Mr Tilden said. "You can make it happy by feeding it or it can get angry if it's hungry or you can try and put it to sleep because it's scared of the dark. It can actually get up on its back legs and raise its head and sniff around using its little sensors."

The RoboReptile is scheduled for world-wide (well, at least a lot of countries if not really world-wide) release on Monday, June 19th.

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