Raising The Bar – ROBO-ONE Special Events To Become Even Tougher

Posts appearing on some of the Japanese weblogs indicate that the ROBO-ONE Special event challenges are about to become significantly tougher. No specific date for the changes has been mentioned yet, but we may see them as early as the next Special competition scheduled for Sunday, August 6th in Kawasaki. According to the posts, the traditionally inclined bar used at the start of the course will be level, forcing the robots to be able to execute a lateral swinging movement instead of just sliding down the bar. The speed of the rotating turntable will be increased, though no specific speed was given. A doorway will be added, designed somewhat similar to the swinging saloon doors popular in the old American West of the late 1800's. And, just to make things a little more difficult, the robot will have to successfully complete a 50 cm downward jump at the end of the course after ascending a flight of stairs.


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