Manoi Robot Introduces An Innovative Battery & Charger System

We’ve all been waiting for release of the Manoi humanoid robot from Kyosho, and unfortunately it looks like we’ll have to wait just a little longer. When the Manoi website officially went live on June 1st, it featured the news that the robots release date is still up in the air. On the positive side, the new website includes a lot of details covering the really innovative and exciting battery and charger technology to be used by Manoi.

One of the interesting innovations that Kyosho incorporated into Manoi’s design is a new lithium polymer battery and brand new AC charger.

Lithium polymer batteries offer a lot of benefits for use as the onboard power source for humanoid robots. At the same time they usually come with a number of potential hazards and safety risks, especially in a hobby type environment.

Kyosho, using their extensive know-how accumulated in the their core business, came up with a very effective design that we believe will prove to be extremely practical for the Manoi robot, and perhaps other robot designs, in the field.


The batteries are packaged in a plug-in, keyed case that only allows them to be inserted into the robot and the charger in the correct orientation. The case incorporates a thermistor (temperature sensor) for each cell. The charger electronics samples the cell temperatures and uses the information to most effectively charge the battery without over heating, over stress, or over charging. This results in longer battery life, extended play experiment times with your robot, and improves the quality and safety of the charging process.

The charger has slots to charge three robot batteries at the same time. According to the Kyosho product specification the boost charge technology is capable of fully charging all three robot batteries at a time in approxiamately one hour from an empty state. The charger also incorporates green LED indicators for each battery that visually indicate the charge status. In addition to monitoring the battery cell temperature, the charger measures the voltage and current.

We’re sure that Kyosho has it’s hands full trying to bring the Manoi biped humanoid robot to market. But, once that’s accomplished, we’d really like to see them consider offering this same new battery and charger technology for use with other robots and applications. There’s sure to be a large demand.

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One thought on “Manoi Robot Introduces An Innovative Battery & Charger System

  1. This is a truly interesting endeavor that Kyosho has undergone.
    If they do indeed sell this as a seperate item, then I (and many others, of course) would be greatly interested into integrating it into my current biped design.

    I’m interested into how they are going to keep the LiPos from discharging too much (which would vastly shorten their life).
    Did they happen to mention anything about that?

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