Kondo KHR-1 Second Anniversary Spirit (Video)

KHR-1B 023
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With most sports and hobbies, everyone has different reasons for participating. Hobby/personal robotics is no different. Some people are attracted by the technology, or the challenge it presents, or the opportunity to create and show off something really neat and unusual. Still others, like ourselves, are attracted by the sense of community and sharing. Hobby robotics, at least the way it has evolved in Japan, presents a unique opportunity for people interested in the technology to come together, share, enjoy, and experience each other's work. We put together a short video 'slideshow' to try and capture a little of that 'spirit' and the experience.

The images in the video slideshow below were taken over two days at the recent Kondo KHR-1 Robot Second Anniversary Celebration here in Tokyo.

Although the event centers around robots that utilize Kondo servos and equipment, it does really embody the spirit and enthusiasm of hobby and personal robotics in Japan. Many of the attendees also participate in the ROBO-ONE, ROBO-Fight, and ROBO-Gong competitions, and some of them even work in the industry.

Not all of them are 'nerds'. Participants come from a broad cross section of society including factory workers, writers, musicians, artists, designers, software developers, accountants, college professors, and students. Ages range from early junior high school students all the way up to robot 'players' in their 60's and 70's.

Here's a little taste of what it's like:


2 thoughts on “Kondo KHR-1 Second Anniversary Spirit (Video)

  1. Wow, beautiful compilation.
    I bow down to the true robotics spirits of Japan.
    Wonder when something like this will take place in my India. I’m hopeful!

  2. Terrific! I really appreciate your work!
    I was actually in the event, and the pictures evoke vivid memories…

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