Human Vs. The Machine (Video)

Gigantor’s original Japanese name is “Tetsujin”, which can be literally translated as “Iron Man”. In Japan there’s an arcade style game aptly named “Taiko no Tetsujin”, or Iron Man Drums.We’ve recently become addicted to the game (at 100 yen/round) and thought that we was doing fairly well until we saw the video of this human ‘robot’ totally blowing away the machine, and the spectators.

Of course, he’s not really a ‘robot’, he’s just a carbon based humanoid unit with an unbelievable skill level at the game.

Still, his performance would challenge almost any robot programmed to perform the same challenge. We have no idea if he would do as well if he tried a different song.

In many ways it reminds us of the old “John Henry” legend except in this particular case it’s probably going to be a while before robot performance can catch up with what a uniquely talented human is capable of achieving.


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