He's Back! The Citroen C4 Transformer Robot Returns! (Video)

Last year’s Citroen C4 Transformer robot commercial was one of our all time favorites. The combination of outstanding music, dance, and transformers was irresistable. A lot of other people must have thought so too, because the television commercial went viral and even spawned a number of different parodies. Citroen thought it went over well enough that they commissioned a follow up commercial (see video below) that features an edgier, colder version of the earlier robot.

This time around the C4 Transformer robot shows off its advanced technology doing some cool ice skating moves, and even manages to spray a wave of shaved ice on the "scientist team" that's apparently there to admire the beast.

That being said, and with due respect to the animation/SF team that created the commercial, our personal opinion is that this particular sequel really doesn't come together with anywhere near the power or impact of the original.

What do you think? Thumbs up , or down  ?

Let us know.


18 thoughts on “He's Back! The Citroen C4 Transformer Robot Returns! (Video)

  1. I agree, thumbs down.
    The original had the somewhat-grungy mech appeal of a true machine.
    This one is too shiney.
    Also, they sort of glossed over the transformation from robot back to car, at the end.
    The original was funnier.
    Don’t get me wrong, though.
    It’s still very neat!

  2. I love the new robot and I think that the realism is fantastic!!!! However I do agree that it lacks the impact of the original. Maybe a better choice of music would have made the difference ?

  3. well well i think this is a wicked advert and the song is soooo catchy. does anyone know where i can find it? or who it is by.
    i think this is a thumbs up, the old advert i got bored of because of the song but i this one i cant get out of my head great work.

  4. I love the new ad as much as loved the original. The music works very well and the robot is really cool, love the look the bot gives when the camera zooms to his ‘eyes’.

    Just managed to catch the extended version of the ad on tv and thought it was even better. all it is is more shots of the bot and a few other cute bits.

  5. Actually, the video above is the short version. In the long version, the c4 jump over a short pier and I believe in front of a stunned guy fishing. Good ad, but as said less “humpf”…and why are the front lights making the face have red lights…(you can check ther are not the rear lights)…
    …music is ok, but again less synchronisation with the bot compared to teh first one I thinh that is why it appear less useful to the story.

    anyway good idea, and fun to watch

  6. The music is by The Egg, called Walking away

  7. awesome ad even better is the sound track can someone please tell me who is it and where i can find it

  8. Guys the song is called Walking away by The Egg,
    download the Tocadisco mix…enjoy

  9. deffo thumbs up the song is way better than the first, the only reason ppl dnt think its as good as the first is cause the first was new to everyone when it came out if this one had came out first ppl would be saying the opposite

  10. I love this advert! It is fookin Pukka! Well done to the animation team as well, who made it look so convincing!
    Yet again another great advert for Citroen C4.

  11. Super Wicked, The music is from a real track heard on the Radio, What is it called?

  12. Why is he skating? the great thing about the old one is that he danced, I like the music, but wtf, why skating?

  13. great ad thumbs up ppl who created it
    i jus wanna know the name of the song that is played in that ad

    someone tell me please.. my email is johnboof_12@hotmail.com

  14. Dunno if it’s a question of “novelty effect” or what but to my thinking: this new snow ad is not worse than the original. It’s a very fair continuation. And the tune is great. The car, BTW, is the best in its class. Citroen rules, mate!

  15. The new ad is sweet. Just as good as the old one. i really like it in the new one where the robot jumps over the jetty/pier and does the spin and lands going backwards. it just looks so cool.

  16. Well there’s a new one just come out which makes this one blur away into the past. The transformations, which take place while the car is on the move, are really neat and clever but hats off to Citroens ad agency for what is probably the finest car ad to come out since Peugeot’s 206 Indian elephant.

  17. whats the song that backs your citron advert

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