Gulliver Virtually Destroyed By Majingaa!

It may be a long, long time before Gulliver, my KHR-1 humanoid robot gets the chance to fight the Great Majingaa hand to hand in the ROBO-ONE ring, but today he was able to battle it out on a virtual basis. Unfortunately, as you might expect, Gulliver definitely came out the loser.

The virtual robot battle took place thanks to a beta simulator called Virtual KHR-Plus that is downloadable from the Majingaa website (see link below).

The "Physics-Based Robot Simulator" is surprisingly complete and fun to play with. The current release is Ver0.0.40, and all the menus are in Japanese. At the same time, it's fairly easy to install and use.

You control the KHR-1 robot by loading motion sequences into a table that maps them to 12 function keys. There are some sequences preloaded, but you can change them and load your own special sequences.

You can also zoom in and out and move the viewpoint around. Majingaa is operated by the computer and acts, for all intents and purposes, pretty much like the real thing.




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