Dynamizer's Robot Cat (Video)

A few days ago, we posted about Sugiura-san’s latest creation, a robot cat for Dynamizer. Since that post we’ve received more information about the new robot, and have put together a video clip (see below) taken during the KHR-1 Robot event last weekend. It should give you a good feel for what this cute (adorable?) robot cat is all about.

According to Sugiura-san, the recent boom in two foot tall walking humanoid robot kits is really encouraging, but, at the same time, it's difficult for novices to understand how to create the robot motions.

He wanted to create an original robot that could be used by beginning students, no matter how young or old. Something that was simple enough for them to easily understand, yet powerful enough to really be meaningful.

At a minimum, the robot should be capable of walking, utilize a microcomputer/controller, provide easy motion creation using servo motors, and include other interfaces and/or signals like lighting some LEDs or other functions.

The robot parts had to be simple, relatively inexpensive, and readily available. The design should also allow for the addition of other sensors and indicators if the student wants to expand the functionality after learning the basics.

Personally, we think that he not only met his original design objectives by creating the Robot Cat, we think that he has laid the foundation for many similar robots yet to come..

The following video clips were recorded at the Kondo KHR-1 Second Anniversary Celebration:

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