Bioloid Forum Shares A Wealth Of Know-how

The Bioloid educational robot kit from Robotis has only been available for order outside of Korea for a couple of months with the first customer deliveries starting in early May. Normally it might take a while before user reviews and information started to pop up on the internet, but the Bioloid section on one popular robotics forum has already taken off like wildfire.

The RoboSavvy website has been around for several years, and has become a popular internet destination for fans of bipedal humanoid robots.

It was one of the first companies to start international distribution for the epoch making Kondo KHR-1 robot kit, and became a reseller of the Robonova-1 robot from Hitec from the get-go. The company is obviously committed to a positive and proactive customer and vistor experience. They've invested a huge amount of effort, time, and money to provide extremely useful features including step-by-step reports supported by lots of photos and diagrams documenting the assembly, alignment, test, and programming for some of the products they resell.

Far and away the most impressive features of the RoboSavvy website are the active user forums. That has been clearly demonstrated recently by the blossoming of activity on their Bioloid/Robotis forum.

The Bioloid forum was created on March 27th, and the robot kits started shipping in early May. In that very short period of time the forum has already accumulated over 250 posts organized into 46 different topics.

 Hexapod robot designed
by Pev, one of the regular
members contributing to the forum.

Some of the posts, as you might expect from any online forum, include small talk or people looking for answers to minor problems or concerns. But, the vast majority of the posts include useful and relevant information - both to existing Bioloid users and to people considering purchase.

There's a real wealth of information and know-how about the Bioloid being accumulated and shared on the forum, including photos and video clips. Active forum members span the whole experience range from prospective buyers, novice robot experimentors, and people with years of robot building experience. There is even one Robotis employee that participates in the discussion on a regular basis.

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