"Sorry don't get it done, Dude." – Our ROBO-ONE Goes Western

We learned a lesson the hard way last night. While we were programming some new motion moves for Gulliver, our KHR-1 robot, we happened to pop a John Wayne DVD with Rio Bravo into our computer. We've watched it so many times we can almost repeat the dialogue word for word. Apparently Gulliver was very impressed by Wayne as well, because later that evening he started acting very strange...

Here's a few photos we managed to snap while Gulliver was trying his best to emulate John T. Chance, the lead character played by John Wayne in that classic Western.



Somehow, we think that John Wayne would approve.

"Every country in the world loved the folklore of the West--the music, the dress, the excitement, everything that was associated with the opening of a new territory. It took everybody out of their own little world. The cowboy lasted a hundred years, created more songs and prose and poetry than any other folk figure. The closest thing was the Japanese samurai. Now, I wonder who'll continue it."

- John Wayne



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