Robonova Set To Take Center Stage At RoboGames

robonova robot with claws
According to a David Calkins post on the Lynxmotion Forums, Hitec has just become a silver metal sponsor for the RoboGames event in San Francisco next month. David, the well known organizer responsible for the big event, is waiving all entry fees for Robonova robots participating in the event, and is also planning to put on a Robot Soccer game featuring the robots.

RoboGames, formerly known as ROBOlympics, is probably the largest robot competition held in North America today, and has competitions featuring every robo-sport from robot sumo to battlebots to Robo-Ones.

It typically draws competitors from all over the nation, and frequently from overseas. And the press absolutely loves the event - it always gets lots of television, magazine, and newspaper coverage. It's one of those "be there, or be square" events that you don't want to miss unless you absolutely have to.

This year the robot lineup looks particularly interesting with some well known competitors already signed up. For example, Matt Bauer - the creator of Rook's Pawn, the amazing robot that swings from ropes and can rappel down cliffs scheduled to appear. Rook's Pawn will probably also participate in the Robot Soccer event, assuming that it's awesome claws don't puncture the soccer ball or slice and dice any of the competitors servo wires.

Here's what David had to say about Hitec, Robonova, and the upcoming event:

HiTec is now an ofical silver medal sponsor of RoboGames, so I'm waiving all fees for anyone who competes with a RoboNova - you've still got 5 weeks to prepare, but only 10 days to register: 

We're also using RobONova's to do Robot Soccer, so I'd love to have a bunch of you guys come out to San Francisoc and compete! There's over 60 events, so bring all your robots!


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