RoboGames Documentary (Video)

RoboGames (previously titled ROBOlympics) has rapidly become the US robot event of the year. It’s the place to be if you want to pit your robot against its peers, put your design skills to the test, or just want to see what the robotics craze is all about. Thanks to David Calkins, the event organizer, we are able to share the great 5 minute RoboGames documentary below.

RoboGames features a broad slice of robot competitions including robot sumo, battle bots, ROBO-ONE, Robo Magellean, art robots, robot soccer, and much more.

This years event is scheduled to take place June 16th through the 18th in San Francisco. If the 2006 RoboGames event follows in the footsteps of previous years events, it will be an extremely exciting and adrenaline packed weekend.

And this time around we have a special interest in the competition since one of our personal favorites, ROOK’S PAWN, will be piloted by Matt Bauer in the ROBO-ONE competitions. You know we will definitely be rooting for Matt and his robot to bring home the Gold!

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One thought on “RoboGames Documentary (Video)

  1. Go Matt Go!!!!!! We’re rooting for you!!!!!

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