Robo-Fight 3 – Osaka: Getting Ready

osaka robot adventure
We’ve been told for a long time that robotics in Osaka is very different from what we are used to seeing in the Tokyo area where we live. With the “Golden Week” holiday basically giving us a week’s vacation, we decided to put the time to good use, so this morning we caught the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Osaka to attend Robo-Fight 3.

The Robo-Fight 3 event schedule kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 10:00 am and keeps on going basically non-stop through late Friday afternoon with a get-together scheduled for that evening.

We suspect that three days of robot battles will climax with mega-liters of beer, sake, yakatori, and tons of war stories and great memories being swapped among the participants. Needless to say, we’ll be onsite taking photos, videos, and interviewing the key players.

While this event doesn’t have the recognition that ROBO-ONE has outside of Japan, it does draw some of the best bipedal/humanoid robot competitors available. They’ll have to be to take on some of the challenges that will be staged by the event organizers.

For example, one of the feature events is a brutal obstacle course:

robot obstacle course

The total course measures 7.2 meters and starts off with a narrow low bridge course, then a switch elevator, a rotating turntable, a down slope, a set of sliding floors, then swinging balls.

Wednesday there are 37 entries for the SRC (standard regulation) class. Thursday we’ll see the Robo-Athletics, robo-drama, and robo-comic routines. Then Friday 28 robots are scheduled to compete in the ORC (exaggerated regulation) class.

Even the daytime television talk shows in Osaka seem to feature robots. Here’s what we saw when we flipped on the television in our hotel room soon after arriving.



 The view from our hotel room in Osaka:



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