Robo Cafe – Robots and Coffee In A Friendly Environment

robo cafe - robots and coffee
If you like robots as much as we do, then there are definitely times when you want to just hang out with other robot fans, enjoy a cup of coffee, chat about robots, and check out the latest and greatest robot creations. Sound like 'heaven on earth'? Actually, it's a great robot store in Osaka called "Robo Cafe."

Last Thursday afternoon, after the Robo Fight 3 competition wrapped up for the day, we headed over to check out Robo Cafe.

We'd heard a lot about it, and quite frankly, we were wondering how it could possibly live up to its great reputation. Much to our surprise and delight, we weren't disappointed at all.

Imagine a store where the shelves, tables, and even the floor is stocked with robots like Pino, Nuvo, Astro Boy, Gigantor (Testsujin 28), Robosapien, KHR-1, Robonova-1, and the like.

Imagine a clean, well lighted place with a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Imagine staff that is not only knowledgeable about robots and robotics, but also staff that has a real passion for it. And, while you're at it, throw in some great coffee and tea.

Did we like it?

Yes, quite a bit. We know we'll definitely head back there during our next visit to Osaka!

astro boy robot
 Astroboy is always on guard at Robo Cafe

nuvo robot
 The robot price range at Robo Cafe
 includes relatively cheap toy robots
 all the way up to high functionality
 state of the art robots with price
 tags to match.

baby seal robot
 Enjoy your coffee while playing with
 a robot baby seal.

robo cafe osaka
 The Robo Cafe atmosphere is extremely warm and

robo cafe robots and coffee
 The staff is always ready and willing to
 answer questions and offer advice. We
 recognized a few of them from the
 attendees at the Robo-Fight event.

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