MINIROBOTICA – National Robotics Contest of Mexico – Report & Video

Roberto Rios, one of our friends and fellow robot fans (fanatics) that happens to live in Mexico City. He was lucky enough to be able to attend the MINIROBOTICA robotics competition a couple of weeks ago, and submitted the following report and video.

Roberto is currently a computer engineering student at UNAM ( (Universidad Nacional Autonomus of Mexico). At the same time he’s very active in a robotics club that develops robots for university contests in Mexico, the USA and Latin America.

Here’s what he had to report about MINIROBOTICA:

Two weekends ago was the Mexico’s national robotics contest. Two complete days of robotics competitions.
There were 6 different categories for competition.

  • Line following (time race).
  • Line following (movil) it must decide which way is the
    correct one).
  • Robotic arm (It must detect 10 wood items, then take it
    and separate black items from white ones on different
  • Water polo (radio controlled boats 3 vs 3).
  • Sumo(This year new event).
  • Exhibition.

About 300 robots for the contest.

I really don’t know but I think that 95 % of the participants are students, only a few participants are teachers or hobbyist

First place in each category wins about 1500 USD.
Second price 1000 USD.
Third place zero USD


He was also kind enough to submit two video clips he took during the competition:

About the competitor in the first clip, Roberto wrote:


3rd place.
I like this robot, I think is the best mechanic system. Very light.
Each lap is about 8 [m].
And the minimum curve radius is 10 [cm].
40 [m] in 33 seconds

And the second competitor shown in the video:


This is the best one.
This person won the first and second place, and both robots are similar.

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