Linux Based Bipedial Robot Scheduled To Hit The Market

Robot Labs, the same company that markets the Pirkus Type 1 and Type 2 robots designed by Jin Sato, announced the new "TurboRobo" robot that is Linux based and can be programmed using the C language.

The new robot development kit is scheduled to start shipping at the end of June. As you might expect, the mechanical aspects of the TurboRobo look very similar to the Pirkus Type 1 robot. The press release and online articles don't highlight any major differences as far as the robot is concerned, and focus primarily on the use of the Linux operating system and development environment.

According to the Robot Labs press release (see link below), the bipedal robot kit utilizes Turbolinux Fuji. The kit itself will include the robot components and parts (requires assembly), the operating/development environment, battery and charger, and Bluetooth communication capability.

In addition to Bluetooth, programs can be transmitted to the robot using an RS-233C interface. The company sees a lot of potential applications for the robot, especially with it's ability to be controlled remotely via the web.

Final pricing is still undecided, though the press release gives a target range of 350,000 to 400,000 yen.

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