After The Battles – Robo Fight 3 Party

060505robofight 194
Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

After three long, hard days of robot competition you would think that everyone would be tired and ready to head home. Not in Osaka! After the Robo-Fight 3 ORC class competition on Friday, we all got on the subway, traveled for about 20 minutes through Osaka, then arrived at a Japanese restaurant. Before the first beer was served everyone had their robots unpacked and setup. The next three+ hours were really intense, with lots of 'nomunication' (drinking communication), laughter, friendship, and more robot battles - of course! The photos are here: Robo Fight 3 Party.

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  1. Shake Hans[ロボット]・「ロボワンへかけろ!」 - あ、写ってる! LEM FUGITTさん はみんなの写真を撮ってくれたので、自分も映っていました。

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