After Dinner – Let's Rumble! (Video link)

robo-fight 3 robot rumble
We mentioned in a previous post that after three days of intense robot battles, the competitors here in Japan like to relax with a nice meal, lots of beer, some sake, and several hours of additional robot rumble competitions. The March Hare, who runs the popular Robot-Fan website here in Japan, just posted a great video (see link below) showing one of the three robot rumbles staged after the Robo-Fight 3 competition here last Friday night.

This particular rumble involved 22 robots including some of the most well known competitors like Yokozuna Great, King Kizer, Asso Di Fiori, Yogo Custom, and others.

The battlefield was roughly the size of a couple of desktops - barely big enough for all the robots to stand at the beginning. Each of the three rumbles lasted about 5 minutes, and once the number of robots left standing dropped below about 7, the battlefield size was cut in half.

You can hear our voice from time to time in the video background, but the camera was totally focused on the robot action, as it should be.

robot rumblerobot rumble

robot rumbleRobot rumble

Robo-Fight 3 - After Dinner Robot Rumble Video via


4 thoughts on “After Dinner – Let's Rumble! (Video link)

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  2. are they remote-controlled or automonous?

  3. Til,

    I think they are remote-controlled. At least, that was the answer I got to the same question here:

    link to



    I had a little trouble finding the above link – maybe there could be a better search function for your website? (Other than the Google search). Just an idea.. Thanks.

  4. Here’s what I wrote to Til:

    > are they remote-controlled or automonous?

    Right now they are basically remote controlled by operators, though the most advanced robots in this category could be classified as ‘hybrid’. Some of them, like King Kizer, OmniZero.2, and others have the ability to sense, track, and attack their opponent without intervention from the operator.

    It’s probably going to be another year or two before we see fully autonomous robots in this category but who knows. They might start to appear sooner.


    I agree. I definitely need to implement a better, more focused search on this site. There are a couple of alternatives I’ve been considering, but I would really welcome any suggestions if you know of a good app that would handle it.

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