Robot Walking? No! SWINGING Through The Jungle! (Video)

robonova robot 
We posted about Matt Bauer impressive new robot grippers a few days ago, and how Matt’s robot could actually pick up a pencil. That was great, and we liked it a lot. But, what self respecting robot wants to become a pencil pusher? An accountant robot? No! Not for Matt’s robot. He wanted adventure! He wanted excitement! He wanted to throw himself in harms way! He wanted to swing through the jungle like Tarzan of the Apes! So - that’s exactly what he did. . .

robonova robotsrobonova robotsrobonova robots
 Matt managed to add tremendous functionality to the Robonova-1
 robot while staying with its overall look and feel. The new grippers
 look like an integral part of the robot, not something that’s been grafted on.

So, how does it perform?

See for yourself:

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4 thoughts on “Robot Walking? No! SWINGING Through The Jungle! (Video)

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  2. Can I use my RC 4 channel controller for my old plan to control the KHR? If not how these things controled wireless and not programmed for wold domination.

  3. In regards to the previous comment:
    I use a bluetooth module and my laptop for controlling the RN-1. However, I have experimented with the Hitec HFS-03MM three channel FM RC receiver as well. The controller I used was a 12ch from a VEX Robotics starter kit, and happened to work well. There are others who have been successful implementing a Futaba 4ch into their design. Their accomplishments can further be found within the forums of Also on their site, are plenty of KHR-1 accessories you may find helpful.
    The RN-1 has an array of A/D ports, all of which can be used to house several sensors in order to make him as autonomous as you’d like. So watch out! He has the capacity to operate completely on his own, and may some day (just as you say) take over the world!
    Thank you all for your comments and questions, and look forward to more.

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