Robot Accessory Companies Start To Pop Up

You can tell when a new fad or technology is starting to catch the public eye and gain traction by the number of small companies that pop up to provide services and original good. Robo-One is no exception. Although the sport isn't three years old yet, there are already lots of 'accessory' type companies dotting the landscape here in Japan.

A good example is Werkstatt Halle NIKI. We chatted with the company's staff at the recent Robo-One competitions here.

They have a number of interesting products for several different markets. For Robo-One class robots, like the Kondo KHR-1 and the Hitec Robonova-1 robots, they have designed a series of striking, if not somewhat frightening masks.

Their masks, which install easily on the robot's head, drew a lot of attention from the audience and many of the competitors as well.

In addition to their line of RoboMasks, they also sell a popular robot training stand, creatively named "RoboStand." Their stand allows you to suspend your robot while you're busy working on, and adjusting it.

Many of the robo-artists we've seen here tend to hold their robot in their left hand while they use the PC's mouse and keyboard with their right hand. That's okay if you have a lot of experience and already know what you are doing. For those novices like ourselves, it's all too easy to drop the robot, or to have it pinch your fingers when it moves while you're holding it. The RoboStand looks like a good, and very professional solution to that problem.




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