ROBO-ONE Robot Profile: Black Seed (Video)

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Ever since we first ran across the team’s website about a year ago, we’ve been fascinated by Team Lilac’s creative robots. Their designs, like Black Seed, have surprisingly fluid movement and have consistently done very well both the Demonstration and Final phases of the ROBO-ONE contests. We caught up with Team Lilac at a RT Corporation event in Akihabara recently where they were kind enough to let us operate Black Seed and take the video below. 

Team Lilac has participated ROBO-ONE contests since the contests first began here in Japan. Their robots have placed in the “BEST8” category three times, including the most recent ROBO-ONE 9 competition.

Black Seed weighs 2.15 kg, and stands 40 cm. tall. Its basic structure includes 22 servos [Kondo KRS-2350 ICS Red] driven by two control boards [Kondo RCB-1]. Team Lilac uses a fairly standard R/C remote control - Kondo KRT-1 for transmission and KRR-1 for reception.

This particular video clip was captured almost accidentally. When Team Lilac offered to let us operate Black Seed and handed us the robot’s controller, we had to set our video camera down on the floor. The camera kept running, and happily captured some of Black Seeds movements and operation. It also provides an interesting comparison between the robots legs in motion versus the people walking and standing in the background.

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