Robo-One: Bringing Anime Robots To Life (Video)

robo-one battle robot contest
At one point or another, every Japanese robot builder will admit that they really want to build Gundam, or a similar Anime robot character. Some of them hide that inner desire, while others let it out full force like the robot featured in the video below.

It's all done in a very positive and constructive fashion, with lots of showmanship. Still, it's not that unusual to find a Robo-One robot equipped with a couple of knife blades that scaled up to life size would be close to samurai sword length.

The American battlebot competitions seem to be "winner-take-all" with the loser getting its parts either carried home in a box, or dumped in the closest trash can. In contrast, the Robo-One, and other Japanese robot competitions seem very mild and tame. Sometimes they're even comical.

Still, under the surface, a lot of the competitors would really like to build a Gundam capable of doing exactly what its fictional counterpart was capable of in the pretend world. Like Japanese manga and anime, robot building similar to Robo-One is a good, constructive way for people to live out their dreams, without taking it out on others.

Here's one of the Robo-One J robot entries that came equipped with a very sharp set of weaponry:



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