ROBO-ONE Achieves Manga Status In Japan

robo-one robot japanese manga
It's taken four years, but ROBO-ONE has finally reached manga status in Japan. This summer a new manga will hit bookstore shelves featuring the uniquely Japanese robo-sport front and center.

Created by Minoru Kamiya, the new comic series will be titled “Act-On”. We’re not sure if that’s wordplay on ‘action’, or a play on the avatar nature of the roleplay favored by ROBO-ONE competitors. Perhaps both.

The initial manga premise centers around Kanae-san, the young man prominently featured with the robot remote control. He comes from a distinguished family, and entered one of the top schools so that he could design a bipedal robot for practical use.

Unfortunately, he fell behind in his studies, and started to hang out with a group of non-conformists at school. From there, well . . . we’ll have to wait for the manga to be published to find out what kind of trouble, adventures, and mis-adventures lay in store for this young ROBO-ONE robot maniac.

You can be sure, however, that there will be a cute girl or two, lots of angst, heart-throbbing, tears, and some occasional triumphs. This is, after all, a Japanese manga.

robo-one robot japanese manga

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