Robo-One 9: Do Both Of The Robots Feet Leave The Ground? (Video)

omnizero.2 running robot
This is sort of a ‘bar-bet’ type of analysis. One of our readers asked about Maeda-san’s OmniZero.2 robot. They wanted to know if the robot’s feet are consistently in the air when it runs. It seemed pretty obvious from the video we took at the Robo-One 9 competition that both robot feet leave the ground from time to time. But how often are they in the air, and how unique is its running style? We decided to see if we could find out.

Since we don’t have access to OmniZero.2 at the moment, we settled for reprocessing a short segment of the robots performance during the Demonstration phase of the Robo-One contest.

We trimmed the video segments down to just the times when OmniZero.2 was actually running. To try and deal with color confusion and shadows, we converted the clip to monochrome and slowed it down by a factor of 10.

Here’s how our video turned out:

 As you can see from the video, OmniZero.2 appears to have at least two separate and distinct movement modes.

When he is approxiamately stationary, or moving relatively slowly, he deliberately moves one foot at a time and transfers weight in much the same way that you or I usually walk. But, when he starts to move quickly or run, he has a definite bounce in his step.

The bottoms of both of the robots feet are definitely in the air a significant portion of the time. His movement, in this ‘running’ mode appears to be optimized to keep the robot torso and head in an upright and fairly stable orientation. The robot doesn’t really depend on the stability of its legs to mantain its balance. It is constantly pushing off from the floor to try and keep its balance dynamically.


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