Robo Garage Female Robot – FT – Showing Off (Video Link)

sexy robots
We have to definitely give Takahashi-san a lot of credit. He certainly knows his showmanship. Takahashi, the most well known robot designer in residence at the Robo Garage, just introduced his latest robotic creation, the Female Type (FT). And to show her off to her best advantage, he decided to have the robot strut her stuff down a scaled down fashion runway.

A Japanese fan of Robots Dreams, who wishes to remain anonymous, was kind enough to point us in the direction of an online video (see link below) showing the new female robot showing off for the press.

While we’re probably not going to rush out to buy one of the new robots, at least not while our wife has some control over the checkbook, we have to admit that we’re very impressed.

sexy robotsImage00377sexy robotssexy robots
 Takahashi has gone to great lengths to model the
 female robots movements and behavior. 

sexy robots
 She even stands there looking
 at you with her hand on her hip!

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  3. i want to know where i can purchase one and how much it will cost

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