One Sexy Robot

Takahashi-san, of Kyoto’s Robot Garage, is already famous worldwide as the creator of a series of high performance, and beautifully styled male robots including Chroino and Manoi. So what could he do to top that? Simple. How about a female robot that not only looks great, but also walks and moves just like a woman?

Takahashi’s latest creation has been dubbed “FT”, standing for female type, and no connection with the Financial Times out of the U.K.

There isn’t much available in the way of specific details on the FT yet, though the photos look fantastic.

What we do know is that the robot stands 35 centimeters tall, weighs about 800 grams, and has 23 degrees of freedom. The robots design incorporates the use of two separate gyrosensors. The robots basic structure is composed of advanced carbon fiber and plastic. On board power is supplied by a lithium polymer battery.

According to the Robot Garage webpage, Takahashi wanted to create a female robot that is not only pleasing to the eye and imagination, but can also walk just like a real woman would. Production time is quoted at 13 months.

robots garage
 The thin, model like look of the FT robot is
 definitely appealing.

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More FT images and video link [added 8:28 4/9/2006 JST]


8 thoughts on “One Sexy Robot

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  3. my name is Neto, I live in Brazil I am engineering student and I would like to receive information on robos, I saw a video in youtube, after this would like to learn more on the work that make, and also does not say English very well, thanks a lot for the space that and data. ty…

  4. Will this female robot be in stores to buy? is there a website i can order it from ? or is this just for show?

  5. Great site! Hope to see more of these different types of Japanese robots in the future.

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