4 thoughts on “Not Some SF Movie

  1. Oh! That is incredible! I’m not just saying it because he’s huge. That’s great, but also really love the overall design. Looks almost General Grievous-sih (minus the head and extra arms). He doesn’t move does he? Either way, I’d love one in my front yard. …don’t know how the wife would feel about it, but real cool guys and gals!

  2. I built this robot. He stands 30′ tall his arms move at the elbows and he raises his right arm above his head making him 38′ tall overall. His head turns right to left and up and down. He also shoots a 30′ flame from a gun mounted on his shoulder. He is mounted on a 1986 chevy suburban with a 454 engine. He is hydraulically operated and folds down on top of the vehicle which makes him somewhat of a transformer. He will be resurrected this year at burning man 2008 new and improved. Thanks for posting him on your website.

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