MANOI – Athlete Humanoid Robot – Under The Covers – Part 3 of 4

In parts 1 and 2 of this series we reviewed MANOI's background, exterior design, and walked you through the disassembly of this exciting, soon to be released, humanoid robot from Kyosho. Now that the robot has been completely 'undressed', in this post we want to show you what he looks like "underneath" all the stylish, anime-like plastic.

As we mentioned in the previous articles, these photos were taken at RT Corporation's training center near Akihabara in Tokyo. Okamoto-san from Kyosho provided the MANOI robot, gave a breif overview lecture that covered the key features of the robots design, and fielded questions from the participants.

MANOI isn't scheduled to hit store shelves here in Japan until mid-June, though from what we could tell, the pre-release model that was disassembled was effectively identical to the production versions.

 Some of the participants thought it would
 be funny to transform some of MANOI's
 parts into a Furby imitation.

One of the biggest misconceptions seems to be the incorrect belief that the robot is simply a modified KHR-1 platform with cute plastic shells. As you can clearly see from the photos below, MANOI's overall structure and design is an order of magnitude more robust and 'industrial grade' than the bent aluminum bracketry of the KHR-1.

That's not meant to be negative nor critical of the KHR-1 design. Both design approaches have their strengths and weaknesses. The Kondo kit is intended primarily for robot experimentors and hackers. They want something that's easy to modify, add on to, and something they can easily adapt to their own concepts and ideas.

The typical MANOI customer isn't as likely to want to tear the robot apart and modify it. They may do some add-ons, change the paint job, or other superficial hacks, but most of them won't venture deep into the robots internal workings. At the same time, Kyosho wants to put a product on the market that is rugged and dependable enough to stand up to a lot of use, and perhaps even abuse. Many of the MANOI owners will make the purchase based on the robots 'character' and personality rather than the technology driven KHR-1 purchase motivation.

manoi humanoid robot
 The robot has a very solid feeling to it.

manoi humanoid robot

manoi humanoid robot
 Under its plastic shell, MANOI's internal linkages and
 servos look built to last.

manoi humanoid robot

manoi humanoid robot
 The brackets, body parts, connectors, and covers are
 all clean and logically laid out.


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In Part 4, we'll take a look at video clip showing part of the disassembly, plus MANOI in motion.

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  1. I was wondering when you guys would put part 3 up. I kept checking the site every few hours for a few days now :)

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