Welcome To The Future: Robot Bell Boys

We mentioned a little over a week ago that Hitachi’s EMIEW robot was scheduled to put in an appearance at the Sheraton hotel near Disneyland here in Tokyo. Because of a calendar double-booking we couldn’t make it to see what’s going on, but thankfully the crew at AkihabaraNews did manage to catch the demonstration on HD video. . .

The AkihabaraNews team managed to capture the whole 5+ minute demo on video for us, they also posted some interesting photos on their blog (see link below).

For example, EMIEW seems to have sprouted a brand new, bright red nose. It wasn’t there when they shot the promotional photos for the event ? we checked.

The video really shows off the robot talking, obeying instructions, giving guidance, and zooming around on it’s Segway like wheels. Its stability and speed are definitely impressive.

 EMIEW is really a quick learner. Here he’s learning
 how to thumb his nose at nasty hotel visitors.

  Hmmm, this earlier promotional photo clearly
  shows no noses on EMIEW.

 EMIEW is roughly the size of an elementary school


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