Watch Out For That Robot!

Okay, so this isn’t even close to being a released product yet. We know that, but still we find the concept appealing and very intriguing. Seiko Instruments announced a Bluetooth watch last week that could eventually evolve to be a wearable robot personal communicator.

The new watch, creatively named the BT Watch or CPC TR-006 ver. 1.0 (how nerdy is that?), is designed to act as a companion for your cell phone.

For example, you can have your cell phone in your briefcase or purse and the BT Watch will alert you when a call or SMS arrives, and will even display the number and name of the person calling. It also allows you to control the volume of your phone’s ringtone - so you can mute it without having to fumble trying to find and adjust the phone itself.

Another interesting function, especially when it comes to potential use with robots, is its ability to detect and alert you when the connection between it and your cell phone is broken. How difficult would it be to hack this so that your robot would follow you around. . . ?

We’re certainly not Bluetooth experts by any stretch of the imagination, but the concept seems very doable, and exciting.

And, although the watch is a bit large, it looks so amazingly cool. 


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