The Importance Of Eating A Good Robot Breakfast (Video)

Every mother lectures her children over and over again about how important it is to start each day with a healthy breakfast. And most of us, at least when we are kids, ignore our mothers, then start to doze off right in the middle of the most boring part of our history teacher's monotone lecture. . . Well, enjoying a good, nutrious breakfast is just as critical for robots.

Muhe'e, a battle robot born and raised in the Tentacle Combat Robotics secret underground laboratory hidden some where in Hawai'i failed to eat a good robot breakfast.

The results, as you can see from the video clip below, were very predictable. After some special care and a good meal provided by MrTentacle, Muhe'e regained his full powers and was easily able to actively finish his regular morning combat training regime.

It seems like robots don't listen any better than kids do. . . .

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