Sunfire: Daniels Micromouse (Video)

Daniel, one of our micromouse robot friends down in Singapore, is getting ready for the Singapore Robotics Games and is hurrying to put the finishing touches on his entry - a robot design that borrows a lot of concepts from Min4.

It’s really encouraging to see how much progress Daniel’s made with his robot, and were very happy that he took the time to update us, and to include a short video clip of the new robot’s performance.

Here’s what Daniel wrote:

“Its been pretty hectic over here, with lot of rushing for upcoming Singapore Robotics Games since I met with quite a few part supply delay problems with my mouse. However the hardware is up and I'm in the process of rushing to make sure the software is working. Anyway here is a video and a pic for you to have a look at.

The video was me testing my curve turn function, with the mouse running at 5.0m/s^2 acceleration and 0.75m/s turn speed. My mouse design is heavily influenced by Min4. Oh btw Mr Ng's site has been updated if you haven't already noticed, with biodata on his new mice. Amazing speeds achieved really.”



And here’s the ‘short’ video clip he sent along. It’s only ‘short’ because his new mouse is so scorchingly fast. We’re definitely impressed, and hope he does very well in the competition:

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