Sometimes You See A Photo

A Dr. Jeuss Christmas
Originally uploaded by C.M..

I just have to learn the story behind this particular photo... Who are "Simon Thaddeus Mulberry Pew, and the Galaxus5000" and who's playing them so well?

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One comment

  1. C.M. Gonzalez

    Good morning.

    This a production photo taken for “A Dr. Jeuss Christmas”, which the Sacred Fools Theater company put on last December. Simon is a spoiled rich kid, the Galaxus is his latest shiny toy.

    Simon was played by a real nice guy called Jason Frazier.

    The Galaxus, was constructed and operated by me. Actually, he’s called the Mark2, he was built to perform the part of Galaxus.

    This show was a blast to work on, I’m glad you dug on the photo.


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