Robot Programs We Wish We Had Seen (Video)

underground robot
There is no telling what goes on in the mind of network programming directors - at least we can figure out how they make the decision to broadcast some programs while dumping or rejecting others. However, we do know that they made a big mistake when they decided not to pickup "Underground Robot" as a series.

"Underground Robot" was a series concept pitched to Nickelodeon a few years ago. The show involved your typical city stomping monster that resembles some sort of giant reptile or dinosaur.

Some cute kids populate the show, including a girl that seems to have terrific organizational and motivational skills. And, the hero of the show is 'Underground Robot' who awakens from his deep slumber to put the cabash on the giant reptile and save the day.

We happen to like it, but then we seem to like almost anything robotic in nature. What to you think? Did Nickelodeon make a huge mistake, or is the world a better place without Underground Robot?


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