Robot Army Preparing For Battle?

Remember those scenes in the "I, Robot" movie with Will Smith running through row after row after row of identical robots? Think it was just science fiction? Think again. . .

The three day series Robo-One competitions starts here in Tokyo on Friday (March 17th), so we've been scouring the blogs and websites trying to catch a glimpse of what might show up in the ring once the contests kick off.

We've seen a clues that lead us to believe that some new, awesome, and creative robots will enter the ring. We've seen modified Robonova-1's, KHR-1's with new sensors, one poor robot that took a 5 meter header onto the floor and was wrapped in bandages, vacuum formed robot skins/shells, new fighting routines being tested out, some robots disguised as mythical Japanese animals - and even one made up to play the role of an ancient Japanese goddess.

And, when we visited the SK-PANG weblog, we saw a robot army being prepared for battle:


This is going to be a fun three days. Of course, we'll be posting photos, videos, and our observations here on Robots Dreams.

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