Robopet Bloopers (Video)

We sometimes get compliments on the quality of our robot videos, and that usually makes us chuckle a bit. If people only knew some of the horrific or totally stupid mistakes we make. . .

So, why not give our readers a small example of some of the dumb bloopers we make all too regularly?

The two bloopers in the video below took place last year during the production of a Robopet video. We were attempting to show how the Robopet robot detects table edges, and avoids falling over. At least that’s what we started off to show.

First, as you can see from the video, right in the middle of filming, our camera came loose on it tripod, tipped, and started the tape miss-feeding. Of course all of our attention was on the camera, while the robot, totally unattended, proceeded to take a dive.

In the second blooper, we were so busy trying to figure out which button to push on the remote control that the robot thought we had lost interest and decided to go off on its own, with disastrous consequences.


One thought on “Robopet Bloopers (Video)

  1. that was so funny but is robopet really that unrealistic at walking its my birthday next saterday which one is worth getting roboraptor or robopet?

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