Robo-One Robot Rumble (Video)

At the end of each Robo-One event, they usually stage a robot rumble where all the top robots vie with each other to push their competitiors out of the ring. This afternoon marked the end of three hectic days of Robo-One competitions, and, as usual, a really exciting and interesting robot rumble was staged.

We’ll be posting about the competitions, the winners, the losers, and the attendees, over the next week or so. It’s going to take a little while to go through over 14 hours of Robo-One videos and photos, and to decypher our notes

Kind of in reverse chronological order, here’s the video from the last competition of the day - the robot rumble featuring the top eight competitors including a robot with an amazing long reach, a Korean robot that depends primarily on its strength and stablity to persevere, and a robot that dances around the ring just like Mohammed Ali.

After the 3 minute clock reaches zero, and assuming that there is more than one robot still left standing in the ring, the audience is asked to vote for the robot they think deserves to be declared the winner. Usually fans tend to clap for their favorite robot, but this time the audience choice was amazing clear - OmniZero 1 - the red/orange robot that runs and dances around the ring:

We have to apologize for the poor quality of the video clip. It was late at night after the competition, and obviously we got some setting on our computer wrong. We'll try to figure it out and repost a much better version.


2 thoughts on “Robo-One Robot Rumble (Video)

  1. I’m just wondering, are these robots autonomous or remote controlled? Looks pretty chaotic… 😉

  2. remote controlled, you can see a tandem of remotes and the kid with the arm things on to control em.

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