Robo-One Bout: MYRO-3 vs. OmniZero.2 (Video)

When we first started attending Robo-One competitions several years ago the robots seemed to spend most of their time either falling down in the ring, or completely off the table. Even last Spring (March, 2005) some of the robots obviously had balance and stability problems. Now, the amount of improvement is really amazing. Nothing illustrates this better than Sunday’s bout between MYRO-3 and OmniZero.2.

You couldn’t dream up two competitive robots that were so different. MYRO-3, from Korea, is a real heavy duty competitor. He’s so solid that the ring floors almost creak as he walkes across the stage.

OmniZero.2, in contrast, appears to be so light on his feet that you wouldn’t be surprised to see him take off and fly like a bird.

We’ve included a few sample sequences from the video (competition video at the end of this post) to give you a feel for why we were so impressed:

robo-one robotrobo-one robot
 MYRO-3 (Korea) vs. OmniZero.2 (Maeda-san)

OmniZero.2 - Attack To The Side

robo-one robotsrobo-one robotrobo-one robot
 OmniZero.2 throws himself at MYRO-3’s left side knocking him off balance

robo-one robotrobo-one robot
 MYRO-3 goes down


MYRO-3: Use Mass, Patience, and Stability

 MYRO-3 tries a back swing at OmniZero.2, but it quickly moves out of the way

 Thinking it’s safe, OmniZero.2 moves in to attack. But, MYRO-3 is just waiting, then suddenly
 swings backwards and knocks OmniZero.2 to the mat.


OmniZero.2 - Use the Opponent’s Weight and High Center of Gravity Against Them

 OmniZero.2 attacks from behind targeting MYRO-3’s left side. Even though he weighs a lot less,
 he uses his speed to build up momentum and knock his opponent off balance.

 OmniZero.2’s strategy works perfectly. MYRO-3 doesn’t have enough time to react,
 and quickly goes down.

How OmniZero.2 Stands Up

 The way that OmniZero.2 stands up is really amazing. He stretches out fully, then raises his
 legs high in the air. Then, as he whips his feed down, he actually raises his arms up.

 As he continues to bend his knees, his momentum pulls his body up off the mat and into a
 fully standing postion, ready to continue the fight.

Here’s the video:


One thought on “Robo-One Bout: MYRO-3 vs. OmniZero.2 (Video)

  1. Excellent. Does the referee count in English or do the numbers just sound similar? Also, sounds like he says “fight” to restart after each take down. Am I hearing things?

    [editor’s response] – You’re not hearing things. They do the count in English, and a lot of the other words used are also in English. I suppose that stems from the fact that ‘Robo-One’ was modeled after the ‘K-1′ matches and follow some of the typical boxing conventions.

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