New Viper Robot Fansite

Sprocket2Cog, our favorite Roboraptor hacker, and Mindstorms maniac, has expanded his horizons to include the Viper Robot system from MicroBric. To share his learnings, and to encourage others that want to get their feet wet with robotics, he's created a brand new website specifically dedicated to the Viper and its robot relatives.

For those that aren't already familar with it, the Viper is a really slick robot kit based on MicroBric's modular construction design. The various bits and pieces, and electronics modules, bolt together without soldering or other electrical or mechanical manipulations.

It totally eliminates many of the construction challenges that often intimidate novices or keep people from enjoying the fun of experimenting with robotics, especially those clumsy blokes with big fingers like ours.

Of course, soldering and mechanical assembly aren't much of a problem for Sprocket. He seems to be just as comfortable with hardware, software, or html. Thankfully he's devoting a great deal of time and effort to his new Viper fansite, loading it up with Viper robot information, designs, photos, and even schematics.

 Sprocket2Cog's V-BOT Segway clone and HAPPY ANDROID designs using the Viper

He's already shared the creation of a Segway type robot from the Viper basic kit plus a few parts from one of the add-on kits. And he's even uploaded the source code that he developed to control the robot and keep it balanced.

 The basic Viper looks extremely hot even without the
 benefit of any hacks or modifications.

It's going to be fun to see what he can do with the Viper, and how he manages to expand and interface it to other devices. We know he's already pretty far down that path by his website comments:

"We are working on external power and addtional experimental sensor interfacing, other robot control is also a future implementaion for our viper and the ibot will be used to interface control to a larger robot."

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